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Artisan jams in Alzira

At Productos Antich we are specialized in the production and sale of artisan jams. If you are looking for a company in Alzira where you can buy tasty jams and preserves, you can do it here, both in person and through online shopping. We have been in this sector for years and we have extensive experience. We have a consolidated structure, which allows us to carry out national sales and also orders that are distributed throughout the world.

The process of preparation and preparation

To get a natural jam we start with the collection of farm products . This action is carried out by experts, who know how to select the best fruit. Then we take it to the factory, where it is prepared to make it following the tradition of the company.

All this allows us to obtain quality jams and preserves, since we make a careful selection of the raw material and we put special care in the production process and in the preparation, so that it reaches the consumer with all the guarantees.

Jams and preserves

Our jams and preserves are tasty and very healthy. We make a wide variety of products that you can see on our website, where you can also make a purchase. Try the blueberry jam or tomato jam . We encourage you to mix flavors like pineapple and white chocolate.


Our company is in charge of producing high quality juices. For this we follow the same process as with jams. In this sense, we have the orange and pomegranate juice variants .

Other products and news

At Antich we like to offer our customers news and quality products, that is why we have recently included in our product catalog the oranges and lemons that we ourselves grow and collect especially for you.


Enjoy all our products. Contact us and place your order.

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